Mobile Auto Detailing Throughout the Seasons

As you can imagine, auto detailing is a seasonal endeavour.  Now, that doesn’t mean that detailing in particular seasons is more important than others; rather, car detailing demands are different depending on the seasonal effects of weather.  Ultimately, a good rule of thumb is that you should have your car detailed at least once a season – and working with the professionals at Deluxe Detailing ensures that your car gets the treatment in needs no matter the time of year.  So what should you expect from mobile auto detailing throughout the seasons?

Different Weather Calls for Different Services

The weather during certain seasons can take a toll on the interior and exterior of your vehicle.  Especially when you live in a climate where weather changes drastically from season to season, the demands for auto detailing will likewise change. 

Skilled professionals know exactly what to do to protect your car from the blazing sun, rain and sleet, snow, ice, and even salt.  Nevertheless, you can generally break down detailing services based on needs for cold and wet seasons versus hot and dry seasons. 

Let’s take a closer look.

Mobile Auto Detailing Vancouver

Auto Detailing in the Fall and Winter

Fall and winter tend to be cold, wet, and icy seasons for most of Canada.  In Vancouver, we tend to see more rain than snow, but that doesn’t mean that the professionals at Deluxe Detailing aren’t prepared to deal with the impacts of icy conditions.  For at least part of the winter, roads are regularly treated with sand and salt to prevent the formation of ice and to improve traction during the coldest weeks of the year.  Unfortunately, road salt is corrosive and may damage your paint.  Additionally, as weather warms up, salt can contribute to the formation of rust – particularly in the undercarriage of your vehicle.  As such, the professionals at Deluxe Detailing take great care to remove built up dirt and salt to prevent corrosion and protect your vehicle.

Still, winter weather not only puts the exterior of your vehicle at risk, but also the interior.  Salt, mud, decomposing leaves, and other dirt and debris is often tracked into vehicles during the fall and winter months.  This can lead to carpet and upholstery stains and ultimately compromises the longevity of interior surfaces of your vehicle.  Due to the various consequences of inclement weather, the team at Deluxe Detailing recommends washing your vehicle more regularly during stormy seasons, as well as comprehensive detailing services at the beginning and end of the fall and winter seasons.

Auto Detailing in the Spring and Summer

Make no mistake, even spring and summer weather poses risks to your vehicle.  UV rays in the summer and heavy rain in the spring are also well-known culprits for damage to vehicles.  Additionally, bird droppings, insect spatter, and dust can accumulate on vehicles and if left to their own devices can compromise the condition of your car’s paint.  The team at Deluxe Detailing has the expert knowledge as well as the right cleaning and protective products to ensure your vehicle always looks its best.

As you can see, auto detailing is much more than a service to make your car look its best.  When scheduled regularly, the services at Deluxe Detailing can help keep your car in optimal condition inside and out.