Why Choose Car Detailing over the Car Wash

If were being honest, there are a lot of cheap car washes out there, and for many people they represent an attractive alternative to the cost of professional car detailing services.  On the surface, this might seem like a great way to save a few bucks, but when you really get down to comparing the experience, service, and outcomes of car detailing compared to the car wash, you may not be so easily convinced to take the cheap route.

At Deluxe Detailing, we know that professional car cleaning and detailing services stand head and shoulders above the car wash competition, but even beyond the lackluster cleaning job of most car washes there are other major problems you may encounter by going to the car wash.

So we’ve already alluded to the first problem with the car wash – it may not effectively wash your car.  Drive-through car washes cannot possibly compare with the detailed cleaning offered by our professionals.  Jets shooting water from all angles and massive spinning brushes may provide a superficial clean, but they cannot possibly get into all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle.  From wheel wells, hub caps, and rims to spoilers, windshield wipers, door handles and more, professional detailing services are designed to deliver an exceptionally clean car from top to bottom.  Additionally, at Deluxe Detailing, we use expert products and our eye for detail to remove every spot of dirt and grime.

Another factor that may discourage car owners from visiting the local car wash (drive in or otherwise) is the potential for damage to your vehicle.  In fact, in order to use most car washes you agree to waive any liability for damage to your vehicle!  From rough bristles on the car wash brushes to high powered water jets, the potential for damage to your car’s paint is very real.  Plus, dirt and abrasives that are caught in the brushes or rags that may be used to dry your car can also cause damage to your car’s paint.  Car washes may also damage windshield wipers and antennae.  When you trust your vehicle to Deluxe Detailing, we take every precaution to clean your car safely and thoroughly – we use clean microfiber cloths that will not damage your paint and leave your car looking like new.

Why Choose Car Detailing over the Car Wash

Finally, some car washes rely on harsh chemicals to break down dirt or grime so that it will rinse away more easily.  Unfortunately, these chemicals can also wreak havoc on your car’s paint and coating – and that doesn’t even factor in the environmental impact of these so-called cleaners.  Alternatively, our team at Deluxe Detailing uses safe and effective products designed for cleaning cars because we want to make sure your car is in optimal condition as long as you own it.

So, while the car wash may seem like a quick and affordable way to clean your car, the long-term and even immediate possible consequences of using these facilities will often undermine any potential savings.  On the other hand, Deluxe Detailing offers a number of thorough and convenient cleaning packages that keep your car looking beautiful today and into the future.